Thursday, July 30, 2009


I took 5 days and headed to Ethiopia. Why not, right? It's about an hour and a half flight from Sana'a, and pretty cheap, so I caught a last minute flight outta town when I realized practically everyone else in the office was going to be gone that weekend as well.

Ethiopia is an interesting place. It's a land of castles, six-fingered men, and towns called Gondor... All things that make great movies and great history.

I won't go into detail about all I learned... I'm just going to mention a few things that struck me about the little bit of africa I was able to get to know.

1. Walking: people are walking everywhere and all the time. no matter what time of day I was on the bus or on the streets, there seemed to be people walking down the highway with their animals or their vegetables to be sold in the nearest town.

2. Cleanliness: while some of the cities were about what you'd expect for the third world, the countryside is quite clean. They don't buy many packaged products.... I'd guess that's why.

3. Orthodox Christianity: yeah.. this place has got it, and it's big. very interesting castles, churches, and monasteries.

There's plenty more to talk about when you tink of Ethiopia. Talk to me if you'd like.

I'll get a picasa album up asap.


  1. You should have written more! Sounds like an interesting place.